"Ascension", oil on panel 12"x16"
Fire! The most ancient technology. The game changer for early humans. Fire has been the protector, provider, and also the destroyer for our countless generations. Many human cultures still honor the importance of fire in our evolution through traditional rituals and festivals.
 Fire is also an important metaphor for purification. Fire purifies, it destroys anything that can not withstand the intensity highly vibrating energy. Our inner world does go through similar cleansing through fire of our intense presence. And then, just like the flames soar higher and higher, our consciousness can ascend to higher planes of awareness!
 In this painting, I envision this hula dancer, dancing in front of raging fire and celebrating the ascension of the flames as they escape to higher altitudes.
However the fire is only a pale reflection of much more intense process of her inner ascension.


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