Welcome to my personal philosophical musings on this blog.

I am a founder of a tech startup mirro.ai, a Life coach,  an Artist and I am passionate about pursuing deep understanding of world inside and around me.

My writings are my observations and synthesis of human experience that we are collectively having on this gorgeous blue planet.

We live in an exciting time and in an important one where we will shape how humanity evolves. The latest technological advances are creating unprecedented momentum in our lives, it is our responsibility to direct this momentum towards fulfilling and meaningful life experience. It all comes down to our collective life view, world view and our core assumptions, in other words, it comes down to our philosophy.

The religions, traditions and spiritual belief systems who served as philosophical templates for many prior generations, are falling behind and haven’t been integrated with newer scientific theories. Latest progress in science and technology delivers strong results in terms of materialistic needs and has questioned and invalidated old psychological belief systems. Science does not provide any replacement for our psychology to transition to a new, up to date ,and functional belief system. Not having an integrated world model which can connect our inner and outer world in a meaningful way, is the root of our chronic dissatisfaction with life we feel collectively.

Aiding creation of such world model is one of the important needs of our species at this time. I am glad that I am on this journey with you. Let’s make it worthwhile for us and for generations to come.

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