Soul: Intricate pattern of life energy

“What do you think a soul is?”, one of my readers asked me recently.  Though I knew what I mean when I say word “soul”, I found out that it wasn’t that straight forward to put it down in words. I had to do some “soul-searching”.

Is soul a ghostly looking substance? Is it something that we feel but can’t describe? Or is it some kind of psychological concept our mind invented? No matter how vague the term soul is, we give it a lot of importance. We think about saving our soul, we dream about meeting a soul mate, we ask ourselves if something is good for our soul or not. We want our souls to evolve and to be free.
On the deep levels of our being, we understand what we mean by soul but most of the times the intellectual, rational part of our self can’t describe what exactly soul is.
This writing is my way to demystify and define soul for our rational minds, therefore instead of being artistic and mystical, I am keeping this as rational as I can.
I come from science background so let me start from there and arrive at the level of soul. I hope you enjoy the ride.
Everything is vibrating energy

E = mc2

Matter is nothing more but condensed form of energy as elegantly described by Einstein.

Energy vibrating at certain frequency, gives rise to form

Energy is vibration in space. Energy vibrates at different rates, also known as frequencies. Each frequency of vibration, gives rise to a certain characteristic form.  Electron is energy vibrating at a certain frequency and light is energy vibrating at a higher frequency. Every material form that we can experience (like matter) and forms that we can not see or experience (like cosmic rays) are all forms created due to energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

Different forms interact to create new patterns of energy

Subatomic particles come together in a pattern to form an atom. Atoms come together in a pattern to form molecules. Each resulting pattern has its own characteristic properties and therefore its unique identity.

Every pattern of energy is continuously changing, either evolving or dissolving

Energy in essence is change. This whole universe is this continuous change of patterns. Right from sub atomic particle to the biggest galaxy and everything in-between is continuously changing. The rate of change differs at different levels but change is something that remains constant. Patterns of energy continuously evolve to create new and more complex patterns or they dissolve altogether to create patterns of very different nature.

Every pattern of energy has a level of awareness or consciousness

If energy is vibration, consciousness is awareness of vibration. As vibration is change, it needs something in the background to change in relation to. That background is awareness. I believe that consciousness and energy arise together like yin and yang. Some of quantum mechanics experiments hint at these aspects of awareness and energy unity. (schrodinger cat, wave particle duality experiment)

Electron, for example has very basic awareness, which can be said to be evident by its attraction and movement towards a proton.

Higher and more complex patterns of energy have higher and more complex levels of awareness.

We tend to think that awareness is something that only biological organisms posses but instead, we can choose to see awareness built into very fabric of this universe.

As the patterns of energy build upon each other, the consciousness experiences reality at a higher level of abstraction

As the energy gives rise to complex living organisms, the awareness of these organisms create different level of reality.

The reality a human experiences is different and much more complex than the reality a fish experiences and the reality a fish experiences is much more complex than experience of a virus, and so on and so forth.

A virus may not have feel for water as part of its experience but fish has it. Humans do have feel for water, light, sound and much more as part of their aware experience, making our conscious experience multidimentional.

Human consciousness gives rise to mental energy forms: thoughts and feelings. 

Human consciousness has evolved to a point where it has given rise to mental energy formation of thoughts and emotion. We are continuously generating and experiencing thoughts and emotions. The pattern of this mental energy gives rise to higher form which we refer to as a soul.

Soul is the repeating melody of thoughts and feelings, the background music for your unfolding life experience

Soul is thus higher level of abstraction, pattern of core thoughts and beliefs.It is a piece of art consisting of your core beliefs about what is possible in this universe and what is not possible, what experiences you desire, and experiences you want to avoid. All of this together gives rise to the complex we refer to as soul. Soul gives rise to a certain level of consciousness. Consciousness of your self, your feel for place in the universe and your feel for connection with life around you, is an effect of your soul.

 Each human soul has a certain frequency like buzz which other humans can pick up on.

As a human being, we become instruments of our soul, of our deepest life beliefs. We tend to resonate with people with whom we share core soul tendencies and values. We dont even have to inquire this with each other in words, we just feel it intuitively. We get a good “vibe” or a bad “vibe” of people and situations. Like two drops of mercury attracting each other and merging together effortlessly, we tend to attract situations and people with whom our souls resonate with. We separate like oil and water from people and situations our souls are out of alignment with. In this the way our soul energy acts like a frequency in dimension of human experience.

Souls evolve

As everything changes, so does the soul. However, the soul changes slower than our body and mind. As we experience more of human reality,  we tend to get crucial experiences that challenge our core beliefs about life. When that happens, our souls have capacity to evolve by adopting better serving beliefs. But if we keep on holding on to old limiting beliefs, our soul’s growth slows down significantly. We stay stuck at that same level of challenge, and we keep on attracting same undesirable experiences.

However, if we let our souls evolve by being open to experiences that life brings forth to us, we have better chance of making our deepest desires manifest in reality. When our deepset desires manifest, we feel fulfillment and freedom in our soul.

I often wonder, what would be next level of reality above a human soul? How about pattern consisting of multiple souls? If such pattern gives rise to cohesive conscious experience,  how will that experience be like? For now, I can only wonder. However, seeing the continuous strong impulse of universal energy to create conscious patterns of higher dimentions, it is just matter of time before the new level of reality arises! Or may be it has already, waiting for us to join in!

Photo by Providence Doucet on Unsplash


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